At long last, spring is finally here, and your garden will soon be at its most beautiful. moncler In order to make the most of your gorgeous outdoor space, you’ll need to prepare your garden for warmer weather. Follow these steps to ensure your garden is ready for the sun. magasin uggs pas cher en ligne Pruning Winter can really wear out your garden’s plants and flowers, so some pruning will be necessary to cut away damaged areas. If frost has settled in your region during the winter months, check the garden thoroughly for frost damage. ugg australia pas cher Prune away any damaged areas to ensure healthy growth in the coming months, and cut away dead flowers so the spring flowers have room to blossom. Now that the weather’s warming up, you’ll also be able to get outside to tidy up the bushes and prune for neatness. Moncler doudoune pas cher The Lawn If you have a grassy lawn in your back garden, it probably went through a rough time while the weather was cold. To make sure the grass grows well and looks its best this summer, you may want to aerate the lawn. This will allow water, air and nutrients to get deep into the grass roots, providing everything the lawn needs to flourish. This will take care of any soil compaction that occurred during winter, and is easily done by a garden maintenance service. Remove Weeds Weeding isn’t most people’s favourite chore, but it’s an absolute necessity if you want a beautiful garden. Spring is a particularly busy time for weeds as they finally have the warmth to grow, so keep an eye on your garden and remove weeds as they grow, before they become a bigger problem. Get Planting The most important thing you can do to prepare for your perfect summer garden is to plant. moncler homme soldes Choose your favourite spring flowers, order as many as you like and plant them in any areas of your garden that could use some added colour and brightness. You can really get creative when choosing your spring flowers, but remember to include some stunning native Australian plants for your garden, as these grow the easiest in your garden’s climate and usually require minimal maintenance. Timberland Femme Pas Cher Mulch It may not be glamorous, but mulching is a must-have for a healthy outdoor space.