As one of Australia’s leading online nurseries, we at Evergreen Growers have developed our social media arm of the company to support our website and inform our customers. moncler However the success of our Facebook Page — 1,102 followers at last count — has been entirely down to your contributions and your willingness to share your thoughts, queries and ideas, contribute photos and comment on our posts. puma pas cher We thank you kindly for your contributions and look forward to those in the future. What is it though that we are trying to achieve with our Facebook Page? Where do you (the reader) fit in in the Evergreen Growers social media strategy? We place our readers at the heart of our social media as the following categories will show: Increase interactivity One of our key goals is to understand our customers and readers, hear what you have to say and answer promptly any questions you may have. Social media sites such as Facebook are tailor made for this kind of interaction. Build a community Bringing a community of like-minded gardening folk together on a forum such as our Facebook Page to share ideas, pics and suggestions is vitally important in our social media strategy. ugg femme pas cher Share posts, information and photos We enjoy sharing blog articles, updates, links to outside articles and pics but — more than that — we love the pics, thoughts and comments you share with us. Highlight blog articles At Evergreen Growers we use the Facebook Page to link to our blog article of the week. Here you will find plant advice, chatty articles, gardening how tos, information about Evergreen Growers as well as various gardening-themed posts for your enjoyment. ugg france Point to the Evergreen Growers website Last but not least we use our Facebook Page to point to weekly specials, specific plants and details on our website page. moncler soldes In summary then our Facebook Page is all about you! Interactivity, community and sharing are the main points of a successful social media page. basket timberland We always love to hear from you, whether it be a query which we can help answer or to field a suggestion or picture or two (or three).