The delicious (and beautiful) Black Passionfruit is in the Green shipping category.

Last week’s blog post went into some detail on how our postage and pick up policy operates. puma en ligne As an online nursery, customer service is paramount and we like to ensure that our shipping is quick, efficient and easy to understand. puma sneakers pas cher This week we’d like to expand on how our shipping policy works by going into a little more detail on our colour coding policy. In an attempt to give our customers the best deal on our tubestock plants, we at Evergreen Growers have recently simplified the shipping system. Baskets Puma Here’s how it works. The shipping costs are calculated according to the colour category that the tubestock plants fall into. There are four of these categories: Green, Purple, Red and Orange. Green If the information page for the tubestock plant you wish to buy is marked “Green”, the shipping amounts to a flat rate of $14.00* regardless of your location in Australia or how many items in your cart. Purple The Purple differs in that postage will be calculated according to your postcode and by weight. moncler pas cher You click on the shipping page to get an estimate of cost. Red Products marked in this category require pick up from our nursery or a quote from us for shipping costs. Achat Puma Orange

The Manchurian Pear is in the Orange shipping category.

Similar to the Purple category, all tubestock plants marked under this colour will be calculated by postcode and weight. timberland femme Our colour-coded shipping cost system makes administration of the shipping a great deal easier but also (more importantly) enables you the customer to see at a glance what the shipping costs will be. Should you have any further queries on how our shipping costs policy works, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the Evergreen Growers contact page, or through our Facebook Page. *Please note our shipping costs are subject to change as we review our operating costs.