The wonderful and evocatively-named Bleeding Heart Vine (Clerodendrum thomsoniae) is the tubestock plant we’ll be discussing this week readers. A native of tropical west Africa from Cameroon west to Senegal, this versatile and low maintenance flowering plant is suitable as a patio or pot plant in areas where the temperature is cooler and can be used to grow along fences in warmer climates. One of the advantages of the sprawling shrub is its adaptability. The Bleeding Heart Vine can be kept trimmed as a shrub, or allowed to grow over a trellis or fence where its stunning floral display will delight. doudoune moncler pas cher If using the vine as the latter, provide a strong and resilient trellis or fence for it to follow. moncler soldes Over 400 species of the genus clerodendrum exist throughout the world though all are noted by the beauty of their flowers and the term “bleeding heart” can apply to all clerodendrums. The variety offered by Evergreen Growers has large, heart-shaped foliage and clusters of bell-shaped white flowers with blood-red tips borne in summer. ugg australia This variety can be also be grown successfully as a climber. The Bleeding Heart Vine requires protection from frosts in cooler climates, has low to medium water needs and is considered low maintenance once it has established itself. chaussures puma Tubestock plants will arrive in 75mm pots and are about 30-35cm tall. We take great care to ensure that the tubestock plants are delivered to your door in the best possible condition. soldes puma chaussures

What the vine will look like when it arrives as tubestock.

One of Evergreen Growers’ most stunning tubestock plants, the Bleeding Heart Vine is now available for pre-order. soldes puma By ordering ahead you can have this sent by December, ready for planting by Christmas! Please don’t hesitate to send us a message at our contacts page should you have any queries on the Clerodendrum thomsoniae or wish to ask for advice on pre-ordering.