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Hello readers! A little change of pace this week as we discuss the advantages of being part of our growing community on Facebook. moncler paris We’ve mentioned the new (and expanding) Evergreen Growers’ Facebook Page in previous articles however this week we’d like to point out the specific benefits of being a regular user of our social media. We at Evergreen Growers aim to use our Facebook Page as a point of reference for our readers for news of special offers and stories of interest from around the web. However, what we’d really like to encourage is your views to help us interact better and to grow our community of readers. soldes puma chaussures By joining up you can: Receive real time updates of specials and new arrivals We like to use our Facebook Page to alert our readers of specials and newly-arrived stock. For example a new shipment of native tubestock may be available for order from our warehouse. This may include specials on items such as lilly pilly plants. One of the main places we will alert people of the special will be on our Facebook Page. moncler pas cher Read gardening tips from Evergreen Growers Every now and then we publish tips from our gardening experts at Evergreen Growers. For an example, please see our recent blog post on how to handle tubestock plants and the correct way to plant out your tube stock when it arrives. moncler Doudounes Usually these tips are cross posted from here on our blog. Read gardening news and images from around the web Every weekday we look to keep Evergreen Growers’ readers up to date on relevant and interesting news from around the web. ugg outlet france For example the recent Australian winner of the Chelsea Flower Show was big news and featured both on our social media and blog. Use our Facebook Page as a gardening news portal to the rest of the web! Have your say! As discussed earlier we see our Facebook Page as an opportunity to get to know you, the reader and to listen to your views. In short we’d like to engage in a conversation and build a community as much as supply news items and other posts of relevance. This is the beauty of social media. Soldes Timberland We’d love to hear your thoughts so please don’t hesitate to use our Facebook Page as a gardening forum. Joining up with our Facebook Page is simple: 1. Start a Facebook personal profile (see Facebook instructions here) and 2. vente privee ugg Entering Evergreen Growers in the search box and click “like”. To receive updates go to options and ask if you can receive these in your news feeds. You can always opt out later. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us here.