A typical English-style cottage garden.

We’ve mentioned native gardens quite a bit in recent columns here on the Evergreen Growers blog but this week we’d like to take a look at cottage gardens in an Australian context. Cottage gardens have been popular in Australia since colonial days with settlers looking to plant their gardens in a reflection of the style they were used to in England. timberland chaussures The cottage garden has little in the way of rules — perhaps that’s part of its charm — although the style is usually typified by a riot of glorious plants and flowers in soft shades and colours and with a variety of leaf textures. moncler 2018 However many of these beautiful flowers and plants are grown in regions of Europe where water is hardly thought of as a scarce commodity. ugg australia pas cher However with a growing population and corresponding pressure on resources, Australian gardeners know they need must watch the amount of water used on their plants and flowers. Therefore keeping a cottage garden in most climate zones of Australia can be a challenge. moncler homme soldes Ever adaptable, Aussies are turning to tried and true native plants as a practical — and low maintenance — alternative to the often water-guzzling traditional cottage plants. ugg australia pas cher femme Witness this wonderful 2011 interview by Gardening Australia’s Sophie Thomson with Thelma Vandepeer, a gardener who has combined the beauty and durability of native plants with a cottage garden’s typical anarchic style. Baskets Puma Thomson describes the garden as: “…an Australian Cottage Garden [with] plants…squeezed in next to one and other creating a striking juxtaposition of foliage, flower and form.” Does a traditional cottage garden with European-style plants interest you? Or are you thinking of planning a cottage garden including Australian natives? Either way Evergreen Growers can assist you with a wonderful range of tubestock plants for your needs.